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Firsby Station


Lincoln Central

building. The Great Northern Hotel, demolished in the late '60s, appears in virtually every photograph taken looking west from the station so was a must to include in the layout. The adjacent shops are all based on photographs from the period and represent the businesses which occupied them at the time. The island platform structure features working strip lights, another notable feature from the mid '60s, along with it's "gull wing" canopies. The main station building has changed very little to this day but in our layout still wears the tired colours of its LNER incarnation, although some of the "new" BR blue and orange livery is present in newer additions like the roof top sigh which once set this station apart from Lincoln St Marks a few hundred yards along the road. Every structure has some lit rooms with modelled interiors.

Gosberton Risegate

For some time I have been working on a series of buildings for a large exhibition layout describing Lincoln Central station and its environs as it appeared in the mid 1960s. The layout is still developing but is occasionally exhibited as work-in-progress and currently resides in the Digitrains showroom in Lincoln. The station dates from 1848 when it was built by the Great Northern Railway company to harmonise with its historic surroundings in the centre of the city. I began this project by making the crew accommodation block which stands alongside the main station


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